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Originally this mix was a short collage of film music made for Carlito at Radio Active for his weekly OST (Original Sound Track) special. Both of us share a love of film scores and ‘mood’ music. Soon after completing this mix I unearthed a number of 7” 1970’s ‘Radio Spots’. These are sometimes serious, always hilarious radio trailers for B-Movies. Generally sound-effect laden, melodramatic, shocking and over-the-top summaries of trashy films. You know, the deep announcers voice: “This summer Dracula takes a wife … Can a vampire fall in love and give a non-fatal kiss? [Screams and shrieks] … Find out … this summer … in ‘Count Yorga’s Summer Vacation’… No one under 17 will be admitted…” I love these – they were the catalyst in the mix swelling from 25 minutes to 65 minutes. I wanted any excuse I could find to weave these radio spots into my work. I’ll post ‘The Crawling Thing’ sometime, a track based solely around several of these trailers.

During its conception I developed an (un)healthy appetite for film soundtracks. I would buy any OST vinyl that crossed my path always in hope of something, even just 20 seconds worth of stimulating or ‘usable’ sound. The resounding lesson learnt while collecting these was that both Ennio Morricone and Toru Takemitisu are absolute masters of film composition. Both composers dabbled in everything from ethnic folk music, tape manipulation and foley use to weighty percussion, heavy dissonance and orchestral strings. I’m currently scouring the land for Ennio Morricone ‘Il Grande Silenzio’. Please contact with me with any leads! I’d highly recommend both Morricone’s ‘Crime & Dissonance’ and ‘A Fistful of Film Music’ and Takemitsu’s ‘The Film Music of’. John Barry and Gorgio Moroder were two of the more mainstream composers utilized heavily in the mix.

It’s a densely packed mix with over 60 soundtracks appearing in some shape or form. Turntablism (read: scratching and beat juggling) is at a minimum in this one; however, both Cat People and Miami Vice sections demanded to be scratched over. There are blends (tracks playing simultaneous) and many surprises along the way – Bernard Purdie’s inimitable drumming make’s a guest appearance in ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ and Kill Bill finally meets Ben Hur! I also absolutely ruin the intro and breakdown of ‘Dance Magic Dance’ from Labyrinth – sorry…




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    Definitely checking this shit out.

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    Love your site man keep up the good work