Scratch 22 & Dan Paine “BudSugarDecksMagic”

Scratch 22 & Dan Paine “BudSugarDecksMagic”

Whilst drinking tea with Scratch 22 last December I was lucky enough to catch a snippet of a mixtape he pieced together with Dan Paine in 2008. It was this insane track from the Psychomania soundtrack mixed with Gravediggaz “Nowhere To Run” that stole my ears and later had me imploring him to dub me a copy! That particular “Psychomania” tune sent me spiralling off on a quest to find any incidental music from B-Movie biker films. Every single track on this mix is intriguing and, like that Psychomania tune for me, could be a gateway to whole new musical worlds for you!

The mix features The United States of America, The Electric Prunes, Serge Gainsbourg, Can, Zappa/Beefheart and many tracks I don’t know but wish I did. Listening to this has me dreaming of delving into forgotten record bins in faraway lands! Like all my favourite mixtapes just when I think I’ve got it pegged it throws a curveball like The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” or some Hendrix. The mixing is quick and clean and the whole tape has a really spontaneous feel.

In addition to showing off just how deep Scratch 22 and Dan Paine’s Psychedelic Rock crates are it gives an insight into what was wafting through Rodi’s head whilst producing his fantastic “Distance From View”. For those who know his album intimately this mix will be a revelation.

It breaks the ice with the theme from Twin Peaks and signs off with the Top Cat theme. You shouldn’t need this much convincing! Download it here:

Scratch 22 & Dan Paine “BudSugarDecksMagic”

Breaks for days…


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