Big Dogg Status

Big Dogg Status

Long before my descent into vinyl addiction and phonograph fiddling I played video games. Bubble Bobble, Blue Max and Commando on the C64, Chaos Engine and Cannon Fodder on Amiga 500, Monkey Island, Flashback and everything else on PC. My childhood was very well spent! To this day the mere glimpse of old video game boxes in thrift stores or 8-bit sounds in songs bring the good times flooding back.

My next door neighbour Shane and I could make it to the 50th screen in Bubble Bobble on a single life. The pinnacle of achievement for a ten-year-old. Bathed in the pale glow of the C64 screen we’d hop around trapping pixel villains in bubbles, popping them and scooping up the glorious loot they left. The catalyst for this tune was reliving the game after all these years through a “Longplay”. A Longplay is where players film themselves methodically playing through a game leaving no stone unturned. I’m convinced these are only done for nostalgia purposes. Not to be confused with a Speed Run wherein a virtuoso of the game rockets through at break neck speed.

My tune samples the Bubble Bobble title screens 8-bit cascade and several other in-game noises. Please give it a listen; surely some of you will recognize those bleeps?

DOWNLOAD: Alphabethead X Scarface – Big Dogg Status

DOWNLOAD: Alphabethead X Scarface – Big Dogg Status [Instrumental]


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